In a letter released today, Banda says:

I am writing today to inform you that I am a finalist for Superintendent of Sacramento City Unified School District.

This is not an easy letter for me to write. Over the past two years I have really valued the professional and personal satisfaction I have received while working with you on behalf of our students. Considering a move is a very difficult decision for me, but being a Superintendent in California puts me closer to my family.

The Sacramento School Board was expected to approve the hiring of a new superintendent last night, but delayed its final vote until July 17.

Banda has had a short and rocky tenure at SPS. When teachers at Garfield High School revolted against excessive standard testing, Banda threatened to fire them but relented in the face of popular support. He equivocated for months on the so-called Africatown educators group, which occupied an empty school building to protest disparate achievement and discipline levels for African-American students, before sending in Seattle police to evict the group. And he enraged parents of disabled children by not communicating with them about the impending eviction of their school.

He tells KUOW that he considers his greatest accomplishments "to be the 2013 capital and operations levies, worth a combined $1.3 billion," and the district's strategic plan. But a lot of people won't miss him if he goes.