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  • MOUNT RAINIER Will not hesitate to kill you.

Found: The search for outdoors writer Karen Sykes has been suspended with the discovery of a female body on Saturday near a little-traveled trail running over steep terrain.

Our Very Own 1 Percent: Here in the Northwest, according to a Seattle Times analysis, the top five-paid CEOs are John Legere of T-Mobile ($29.2 million in pay in 2013), Darrel Cavens of zuilly ($27.3 million), Howard Schultz of Starbucks ($17.2 million), Mark Parker of Nike ($15.4 million), and Spencer Rascoff of Zillow ($10.6 million). What a surprise—they're all white dudes! The full list is here.

An Electoral Strategy for the Left: Is Kshama Sawant's success in Seattle a one-off, rather than a precedent-setting victory for the American left? A writer for up and coming socialist rag Jacobin says the answer is quite possibly yes, but that doesn't mean the left should abandon the ballot box entirely.

Worryingly: I suspect Sawant wouldn't hesitate to condemn those top-earning CEOs by name. But she couldn't bring herself to do the same for local union leaders, who also make far more than they need to, while union-employed community organizers toil for minimum wages.

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Has killed 330 people so far and Doctors Without Borders says the outbreak is "out of control."

Another Shitty Secret Trade Agreement: ...that you've never heard of. It's called TISA, it covers 50 countries, and thanks to WikiLeaks, we can now read it. Lori Wallach from Public Citizen explains:

Well, the single most glaring and easy-to-understand piece of it, if you want to—if viewers want to take a look at it, is a provision that’s literally called "standstill." And what it means is you have to have your regulations stand still as to where they were. And practically, it means—let’s say you want to ban a certain kind of derivative that gets created, and it’s a disaster—it causes speculation and instability. You’re forbidden from having new financial regulations.

How Foreign Diplomats Talk In Private:

You know that the Polish-US alliance isn't worth anything...It is downright harmful, because it creates a false sense of security...Complete bullshit. We'll get in conflict with the Germans, Russians and we'll think that everything is super, because we gave the Americans a blow job. Losers. Complete losers.

Did You Know? The second most popular religion in the South is Islam.

Head of UN Personally Served With Court Papers: Ban-Ki Moon, who presides over an organization that negligently introduced a cholera epidemic to Haiti, where more than ten thousand people have since been killed by the disease, finally got served.

USA Versus Portugal in the World Cup: Kickoff is today at 3 p.m.—I'll be live-Slogging it from The Chieftain! Clint Dempsey will be wearing a mask to protect his broken nose.