Christopher Frizzelle: "Seeing BenDeLaCreme perform at Neighbours on Thursday night, duh."

Jen Graves: "I’m just back from a week’s vacation and there are some pieces I need to re-see before they close. One is the painting at Greg Kucera Gallery that Margie Livingston made after the recent deaths of both her mother and her father. It’s a mottled green-and-black abstract, you could say, but it’s also a version of the knotty-pine playroom walls from her childhood home, and it does feel to me like it pulses with memory. Maybe that’s because I remember those walls myself, from my own musty upstate New York basement. I also want to see Stranger Genius Rodrigo Valenzuela’s newest film work, Maria TV, which combines documentary footage of Spanish-speaking maids with footage of them on Spanish-language soap operas. It’s playing at 8:30 Saturday night at Northwest Film Forum."

Bethany Jean Clement: "I’m going to try to make it downtown on Thursday for the reception at M.I.A. Gallery for Fabrice Monteiro's show, because the photos sound great. Like Jen, I’m going to see Rodrigo Valenzuela’s Maria TV screening on Saturday. I am not going to this."

David Schmader: "I am going to fag out hard at Thursday's Big Gay Singalong at Central Cinema, before which I will be limbering up and after which I hope to attend the Prince Hero Worship night at Pony."

Paul Constant: "There are a few interesting readings happening this week, and I'm still deciding what to do on Thursday in particular. There's a bunch of readings that day, including Lit Fix with Karen Finneyfrock, Margin Shift with Kreg Hasagawa, Tom Robbins, and a reading from the book Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs. The one thing I can tell you with great authority that I'm attending for certain is the fourth Transformers movie (Trans4mers?), which is probably the most opposite thing from a literary reading that I can imagine right now."

Dave Segal: "Tonight I’m going to the Royal Room to hear convulsive Norwegian jazz-rock trio Bushman’s Revenge. Tuesday I’m DJing ambient and new age music at Q’s Rare Air event with DJ Explorateur and Love and the cosmic-music duo Hair and Space Museum. Thursday I’m spinning weird techno at the first Disco Droppings night at Kremwerk with the excellent Seattle DJ/producer blogger Jimi Jaxon, Greyspot, and Mascara. All of which means I'll be looking frightfully tired come Friday."

Kelly O: "King Khan and the Shrines at Neumo's Wednesday night! LET'S GET DOWN, FREAKS!!!"