Emily Blunt will be banging Chris Pine in Disneys Into the Woods after all.
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  • Emily Blunt will be banging Chris Pine in Disney's Into the Woods after all.

Into the Weeds: For a second there, it sounded like Disney was gutting one of the best moments in Into the Woods, the musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine that's being adapted into a movie starring Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt. This New Yorker piece reported Stephen Sondheim himself announcing that the song "Any Moment" had been cut owing to Disney's "puritanical ethics"—plunging many Into the Woods fans into a deep sadness. "Any Moment" is a really funny song; it happens when Cinderella's Prince comes across the Baker's Wife in the woods (these two characters are part of separate storylines) and sleep with each other. (In the film, Emily Blunt plays the Baker's Wife, and Chris Pine plays Cinderella's Prince.) His princely combination of unctuousness and presumptuousness is pitch perfect: "Life is often so unpleasant / You must know that as a peasant," he sings, woo-fully. "This is ridiculous, what am I doing here, I'm in the wrong story," the Baker's Wife laments. ANYWAY, the song is back in!! And was maybe never cut at all. As the Guardian reports, Sondheim hadn't seen the final cut of the movie yet, and now he has, and "Any Moment" is in there, plus a lot of other things rumored to have been cut. Sondheim goes on to call Disney's Into the Woods "a first-rate movie." Phew. Crisis averted.

German Book World Goes to War with Amazon: Slog tipper Piet sent along this piece of news:

German book publishers have formally accused Amazon of violating the country’s competition laws and have asked the antitrust authorities to investigate.

This is big news and we'll keep our eye on the story as it develops.

Dammit Mamet: The Alchemist Theater in Milwaukee had to cancel its production of Oleanna (about a power struggle between a male university professor and a female student who accuses him of sexual exploitation) after a single performance when it received a cease and desist letter from the conservative (and increasingly batty-seeming) playwright. His beef? Alchemist cast a male actor in the lead female role. Mamet has been control-freaky about his work before—this year, he forbade talk-backs after a production of his play Race and halted an all-woman production of his play Goldberg Street.

Truly, We Are Blessed: Next year will see the publication of a brand-new Judy Blume novel for adults.

You Wanna See a Tumblr of Terrible (But Strangely Hypnotizing) Press Photos of American Theater Productions? You're welcome.

Concerned Neighbors Against Wonderful Things: A young Kansas boy built a Little Free Library in front of his home. Neighbors complained to the city, who declared the library to be an "illegal detached structure" and ordered it to be torn down. Now the matter will be discussed at the Lakewood City Council on July 7th. Let's hope there's video of that meeting; don't you want to learn what people who hate Little Free Libraries look like?

Trailer Park: Here's the tense trailer for the Brad Pitt World War II movie Fury...

...and here's the very good first trailer for the new Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay, Part 1: