What is the horse trying to tell me?
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  • What is the horse trying to tell me?

I know, it’s the worst to expect other people to care about your dreams, and damn foolish to post them on the internet, but I had such a vivid one last night I’m hoping Slog will be able to help me interpret it:

I was in a large room, like a bingo hall, full of politicians and city hall types (there must’ve been at least 100 of us) but the only one I remember was Kshama Sawant. There was a woman up on a lectern, droning into a microphone, and we were all working very hard together to solve a problem—and that problem was the New Yorker cartoon caption contest. Ridiculous, I know, but in the context of the dream it was serious.

I wandered out a side door and found a dirt-floored corral with a middle-aged horse inside it. It could’ve been a beautiful horse, a nice chestnut brown, but it was clearly a little crazed, thin, and mangy from being trapped too long in this tiny enclosure. In the dream, I knew the horse (I even tried to sing some song that, in the dream, it would’ve recognized), but it was as if I was only just realizing how fucked up its living circumstances were for the very first time. It eyed me with a combination of familiarity and suspicion as if to say: “Hey fucker, how come you let me languish in this shithole for so long?" It tried to rear up a few times and run a few times, but it had a bridle in its mouth tied to a beam above the fence, so it kept falling down with a huge “whomp” and a distressed and angry neigh. I kept thinking it wouldn’t get up again—and that I’d have to find a vet or someone to help—but it kept stubbornly getting up anyway. It was clear that it needed to get out of there, but I had no idea where it would go.

Then I looked around the side of the corral and found a baby horse, also with a bridle in its mouth and tied to a pole. I thought: “Well, this whole situation is completely fucked—let’s see if I can make friends with this little guy and go from there.” As I reached out to stroke its neck, I vaguely wondered if it would bite me.

Then I woke up and realized I’d just had the equivalent of a Freudian field day. The internet tells me:

A brown horse (dark brown) symbolizes defiant ambition and driving forces. You are highly motivated and resistant to obstacles. You may be shedding problems or "dead weight" as you work towards a goal.

But that seems like a boring interpretation.

What do you think, Slog?