Despite what Boehner, et al. are spewing, Americans at large aren't buying attempts to pin the disaster in Iraq on the Administration, at least yet anyway. Naturally, the approval percentage for the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq has dropped since October 2011, when it held at 75 percent. Still, three in five Americans (61 percent) polled recently by Gallup still approve.

What can be said about those who comprise the difference? Clearly they have flip-flopped on their position. For all the talk of flip-flopping legislators during election cycles, little gets mentioned about the impulsively fickle American public. Gore Vidal famously called it "The United States of Amnesia," but maybe only because "knee-jerk reaction later followed by denial" didn't make as good a pun. This way just makes all that outrage so much more convenient!

The demographics aren't all that revelatory, with self-identified Independents and Republicans showing net changes of 18 and 10 percent, respectively, albeit self-identified Democrats came in only a hair more consistent, at 9 percent. Thankfully, according to another Gallup poll, this wavering doesn't yet mean that the majority of Americans support volleying more troops back over to the Fertile Crescent Land of Ways to Get Killed. Fifty-four percent currently don't want to see military action in Iraq again. That's opposed to 33 percent in March of 2003. Back then, we were being told a bald-faced lie. At least this time around we're requiring Boehner's speechwriters to work a little harder. The New York Times says today that Obama is seeking $500 million in aid to train and equip Syrian opposition. What will they write this time?

For methodology, see here and here.