• Courtesy of Janet Mock

The best-selling author of Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More talks about kicking Piers Morgan's Ass on Twitter, gay assimilation, the T-word, sex workers, and the one question she's most tired of answering.

Several of the top search results for your name are about a recent CNN interview with Piers Morgan and the backlash on Twitter. He mischaracterized your life in a way that frustrated many people—why did that hit such a nerve?

One of the things writers understand is that when you do media appearances, you expect to talk about your book. I didn't really get to talk about my book. The CNN interview was more about gawking at the fact that, quote unquote, I don't look trans, whatever that means. I think that is what was very frustrating. It was the idea that a trans writer, a trans woman writer—a trans woman of color writer—wouldn't necessarily have much to say, but we are just going to objectify you for a little while and then label you whatever we want to label you. Which is what led to this, quote unquote, media feud.

We're seeing more online feuds over trans issues, which can lead to important conversations. How can we help make the conversations constructive instead of becoming fights where everyone wants to run away at the end?