There's a whole bunch of business news today that Slog readers should know about:

11 Dollahs an Houah!: Massachusetts raised their minimum wage from $8 to $11 an hour yesterday. The minimum wage, which will go into effect by 2017, is the highest statewide minimum wage in the nation.

Doomsday for Unions? Andy Kroll at Mother Jones warns us that a Supreme Court verdict on Monday could forever change the face of labor in America:

It's official: The Supreme Court will wait until Monday, the final day of the current term, to issue its decision in Harris v. Quinn. As I explained in May, Harris is a blockbuster case that could, in a worst-case scenario, wipe public-employee unions such as SEIU and AFSCME off the map. And the chances of a damaging decision in Harris just increased—here's why.

The New Boss Sucks: The Seattle Times's Ángel González reports that Seattle's own Russell Investments has been bought by The London Stock Exchange Group, and layoffs are possible.

French Anti-Amazon Law Moves Forward: Indispensable book news e-mail Shelf Awareness says:

The French Senate has ratified a bill previously passed by the National Assembly nicknamed the "anti-Amazon law," which prohibits online retailers from offering free delivery of discounted books

France is at the forefront of anti-Amazon sentiment in Europe, with Germany and the UK following closely behind.

(Thanks to Slog tipper Greg for sending two of these stories along to us.)