Keeping an eye on Iraq

Don't Pull the Thang Out, Unless You Plan to Bang: Drones over Baghdad.

Thank God She Got Out Alive: "A Seattle man grounded a Southwest Airlines flight by calling in a phony bomb threat to ruin his ex-girlfriend’s vacation," reports "Filing felony charges, prosecutors describe the June 18 bomb threat as one piece of a campaign of threats and intimidation by Zachary Milliren...[who] is alleged to have threatened to kill the young woman who’d left him days before."

I Guess 'Operation Creep Sweep' Sounded Too Judgey?: "A monthlong national effort to capture sex predators led to 275 arrests in Southern California that included a teaching assistant for special needs kids, a retired sheriff's deputy and a U.S. Army soldier," reports ABC. "The effort dubbed 'Operation Broken Heart' involved dozens of local, state and federal authorities throughout the month of May who targeted sex offenders, child sex traffickers, pimps, child porn traders and sex tourists traveling abroad.

"You Are Not Willkommen Here!": Troubled actor Shia LaBeouf arrested at NYC performance of Cabaret, hauled out of the theater in handcuffs.

The Squatting Nanny: California parents fire their live-in nanny, who refuses to leave.

Stories Like This Were More Amusing Before Untreated Mental Illness Became a Deadly Public Health Hazard: Man found dragging a dead raccoon on a leash and screaming beside a highway in Mukilteo.

Only Whoopi Survives: Brilliant comic actor/iffy talk-show host Sherri Shepard and public-health-endangering idiot Jenny McCarthy let go from The View.

Finally, here's a step-by-step instructional video on how to get ready for our big Pride weekend. Thank you, Billy Squier.