If you were charmed despite yourself by the cheesy recent American movie Chef, you’re probably curious about the new French Le Chef.

And they are similar: The plots in both revolve around perfectionist, uncompromising chefs clashing with visionless, mercenary bosses; each has a schlubby loser guy who is, highly improbably, involved with a gorgeous, smart-seeming-if-one-dimensional woman; and both movies are extremely predictable. But I did not expect that Le Chef would be completely lacking in any appetizing shots of—or even appetizing discussion of—food. I did not expect that Le Chef’s production values would be so entirely mediocre. And I did not expect the sequence in Le Chef in which the two principal characters dress up in slapsticky, racist yellowface to infiltrate a competitor’s restaurant (see 1:08 onward in the trailer, if you must, for just a small, bad taste).

Where Chef left me just a little nauseated by its blatant manipulations, Le Chef left me filled with both ennui and disgust.

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