What Does a Motherfucker Have to Do Around Here to Get Some Public Transit? Dominic Holden asks a question. Charles Mudede says Seattle is growing fast but not growing up.

Mayor Murray Says the Right Things: On public safety.

The Thing About Pre-K: It should be coming to your ballot this fall. But there are some complications.

Gay Marriage and Slavery: A lot of people compare those two things when they say they're not comparing those two things.

Speaking of Gay Marriage: Hey, conservatives: If you say you care about the sanctity of family and all that, why don't you work to pass paid maternity leave?

Mars Hill's Demon Trials: Pastor Mark Driscoll actually encourages "demon trials" in his church? Is this part of the reason why Mars Hill is reportedly going through "one of [its] most trying times?"

We're Still Waiting on Comment from Safeway, Kroger, and Uwajimaya: But Tesco talked to Brendan Kiley about prawn slave labor.

Make a Choice: Do you like your Metro-saving taxes progressive or regressive? Liberals and progressives, unsurprisingly, disagree.

Slog Headline of the Week: "The Mormon Church Flexes Its Culty Muscles."

Glasshole Wants Your Vote: "You can record all day long...and it goes to the cloud."

It's a Fine Distinction: Dave Segal explains the difference between house music and techno music.

I Had No Idea Vinyl Was So Expensive: One of you actually paid 5,000 dollars for a record?

Death Sentence: Why Trans4mers disapoints, in two sentences.

The Northern Virginia Think Tanks! It's always a good week when you get a Mike Force Slog comic.