Youth Theatre Northwest Has to Move Out of Its Mercer Island Space: For 30 years, YTN—a theater program that has served tens of thousands of students—has been run out of a spacious, 14,000 square foot former middle school. But the Mercer Island School District needs the space back due to overcrowding. YTN's website says the organization "is happy for the many school children who have been housed in portables" up to this point, and that it will relocate to the site of a former recycling center, which will be converted into the Mercer Island Center for the Arts in three to six years. (In the meantime, YTN will house itself in Emmanuel Episcopal Church.) YTN alumni include Rob Witmer, Joel McHale, Erin Brindley, and Devin Bannon, and directors such as Andrea Allen, Tina LaPlant, and George Mount have worked there over the years.

Portrait of the Author as an Ostracized Failure: It looks like Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll's publishing fortunes have hit the skids.

Finally! A Reason to Watch CNBC: Yesterday, CNBC ran a special report titled "Amazon Rising." It'll air again tonight at 7 pm, and will presumably repeat for a while before, presumably, finally landing online. Also of interest: This CNBC interview with Bob Kohn, the cofounder of Emusic, about what he perceives as Amazon's war against copyright.

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These Shelves Can Talk: Over the weekend, a visit to Greenwood/Phinney revealed the following two truths: 1. The Santa Maria tri-tip sandwich at Martino's has got to be one of the best sandwiches in the city, and 2. The new Phinney Books across the street from Martino's is a beautiful, intelligently stocked neighborhood bookstore. The best feature might be the "shelf talker" station, in which customers are urged to write their own recommendation cards for their favorite books. Plenty of bookstores have staff recommendation cards on their shelves, but a bookstore inviting their customers to rave about books is a pretty neat idea. Lots of cards are up on the shelves already, proving that the only thing better than loving a book is getting to share a book you love with absolutely everyone in the world.

Staff Uprising at the Village Voice: "Staffers at New York City weekly The Village Voice are currently staging a walk-out at their Lower Manhattan offices over wage and benefits cuts [and] alleged anti-union intimidation," reports Gawker.

"I'm a straight white dude. I AM THE ENEMY." Feminist geek blog The Mary Sue has been bought by a total douche, according to Lindy West's Tumblr.

Headline of the Day: "Metal Band To Play In A Box Until They Run Out Of Oxygen."