DID YOU KNOW downtown Detroit has a Whole Foods now? Its true!
  • Kelly O
  • DID YOU KNOW downtown Detroit has a Whole Foods now? It's true!

Kelly O: "Tonight I'm going to finally watch Razing the Bar—a documentary about the much missed music venue the Funhouse. It screens next week at the Grand lllusion. Then Thursday I will be putting myself on an airplane and flying to the Mighty Mitten—to Michigan—to watch my little sister get married."

Jen Graves: "If it gets all cold and rainy again, the first thing I’ll do is listen to the audio interviews that are part of photographer Matika Wilbur’s exhibition at Tacoma Art Museum. They’re all native voices talking about what it means to them to be native. At First Thursday in Pioneer Square, I’m beelining for Buddy Bunting’s 10-foot-long prison painting at Prole Drift. The Seattle artist has been on a roll for a while. On Wednesday, I want to hear about Iran."

David Schmader: "I am going to drive across the brand-new South Park Bridge to visit Loretta's."

Dave Segal: "Tuesday night I’m going to experience the 'electronic music for people who think they don’t like electronic music' of Fuck Buttons and the noise/drone majesty of Total Life at the Crocodile. Thursday I’m checking out LA analog-synth composer M. Geddes Gengras, who reminds me of brainy German electronic innovators Conrad Schnitzler and Klaus Schulze. Later I may head to Columbia City Theater to see if the experimental-hiphop paradigm-shifters clipping. live up to my high expections."

Paul Constant: "I'll be going to see Tammy at some point this week, because I love Melissa McCarthy and it's got a great cast—Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Allison Janney, Mark Duplass, Gary Cole, Toni Collette, and Sandra Oh. And as far as books go, this Thursday night reading with Karen Finneyfrock and Sara Brickman at Couth Buzzard looks enticing. Finneyfrock co-edited a great anthology called Courage: Daring Poems for Gutsy Girls, which is a book that every teenage girl should own. (Local poet Brickman is a contributor to that anthology.) And in the last month, Finneyfrock also published a new young adult novel that I really loved, Starbird Murphy and the World Outside, meaning that she published two exceptional books in a little over a month. Who the hell does that? Besides those things, I'm probably going to spend a lot of time this week reminding myself that the loud noises outside my window are from illegal fireworks, and not firearms."

Krishanu Ray: "I might watch Coffee in Berlin, a movie about a slacker who just wants a cup of coffee. Or I might just drink a cup of coffee and set off illegal fireworks like the slacker I probably am."

Charles Mudede: "I'm going to 2312 gallery on Thursday, July 6, for ZIWA, whiich is a 'Kenyan & Ugandan Art Show Benefiting Youth Arts Education in East Africa.' There will be paintings, photographs, and video. Attending this event sounds like the right thing to do."

Emily Nokes: "I hope I can make it to the Bad Rap night tomorrow at Speckled & Drake. It's hosted by Stranger contributors/hiphop connoisseurs Larry 'Dave Patchouli' Mizell Jr. and Andrew 'Dajve Bikinus' Matson (this week with special guest DJ Charlese), playing all kinds of jams from UGLYFRANK to Beyoncé. The last time I went it was sooooo fun that a stranger took a secret photo of me dancing and put it on Instagram with the title: 'the girl with the blue hair was feeling it.' I was feeling it! Feelings are tight!"

Kyle Fleck: "Listening to Aphex Twin's newly-released Caustic Window album. Eating some cheap-ass Thai food at Somtam Thai on the Ave. Crab/cream cheese in deep-fried dough with plum sauce truly never gets old, even if they forget your Thai ice teas."