Dearest Slog Out™: I'm curious. What music does the #normcore listen to? See, I recently had a discussion with a "college student" who lives on Capitol Hill and frequents all the local shops/bars/restaurants, and she found some of these establishments have begun to routinely, and shamelessly, play '90s country music. I guess then, kinda like contemporary "Young Country." Um, has it been long enough this '90s/Young Country slipped into irony or nostalgia, OR is #normcore taking over pop culture and slowly replacing the oughties "hipster" culture?! To me, knowing the culture which gave rise to #normcore the sounds of '90s/Young Country seems fitting, but I wanna know what y'all think? Is '90s/Young Country #normcore? What about Hootie?! Dave Mathews?! GAH!!! I need to know, desperately, BEFORE I get out there in my Adidas™ slip on athletic mules slides, denim button down, and pleated khakis. Thanks in advance, guys!