Ukraine v. Russia: Not talking about the World Cup. Talking about war. Ukraine's new president ends unilaterally ends cease fire that pro-Russian/Russian-backed rebels were ignoring, vows to take back Ukrainian territory, starts shelling rebel-held towns.

United States v. Belgium: Talking about World Cup. The US goes up against Belgium today at 1 PM our time. We're not the favorite in this match... but that may be good. Gawker offers "Five Things Bandwagoners Should Know About Today's U.S.-Belgium Match."

Israel v. Hamas: Expect scores of civilian casualties in next round of the seemingly endless rounds of violence—but first, funerals for the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers whose bodies were found yesterday.

Kurdistan v. Iraq: Partition is coming, Iraq is going.

Seattle City Council v. Fair Elections: Our suck-ass city council sucked ass yesterday—so, yeah, 2015 can't come fast enough. (From that second link: "Councilmember Richard Conlin, who just won re-election to a fifth term after a tough-fought race against socialist Kshama Sawant, said he won’t run in 2015." Ha ha ha! Reading that made my morning!)

Ashes to Ashes: Scientists give up on efforts to eradicate the emerald ash borer—99% of American ash trees will die, native insects that rely on the ash will die, birds that eat those insects will die, more nitrogen will go into rivers and streams, fish will die, etc. Ecosystems will be ripped apart throughout North America. Fuck you, stupid beetle.

Canada Day: In honor of Canada Day... Slog salutes a hot Canadian. (This "Hot Canadian Guys" YouTube video is the saddest thing I've ever seen—it's basically pics of Justin Bieber and Cory Montieth over and over again to an N-word speckled rap soundtrack.)

Trans Tipping Point: Obama to sign executive order banning anti-trans discrimination in federal employment.

Hey, Ladies: You don't actually need those annual pelvic exams.

Local Business Celebrates Hobby Lobby Ruling: I'll be getting my lighted mirrors elsewhere.

Officer Creepy: SPD cop arrested on suspicion of child molestation.