Washington's first few pot retail outlets will open for business by noon on Tuesday the 8th. Jake Ellison at the PI takes a look at the stores that are preparing to open:

Cannabis City (2733 Fourth Ave S. in Seattle) and Top Shelf (at 3863 Hannegan, Suite 107 in Bellingham) should be two of 15 to 20 retail outlets licensed by the Liquor Control Board on Monday. Once the stores have their licenses, the owners can seal a deal with a grower — and 24 hours later (a holding time set by the board), stock the shelves with legal weed. That’ll be Tuesday.

Fox Q13 says another Bellingham store called 2020 Solutions intends to open first, at 8 am. No matter what hour the first shop opens, there will eventually be 334 marijuana stores in Washington state. But people are definitely excited to be there on day one: Curbed says Cannabis City will have ten pounds of pot ready for sale on the first day, and that they expect to sell out by the end of the day.

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