Provided you're not currently in the hospital for blowing off a finger or hand today, here's something to do TOMORROW night (July 5): a FREE fuckin' ROCK and ROLL SHOW!

Okay, first up will be the intense, and kinda post-punk-informed, new romantic pop group Hearts Are Thugs. Followed by the Gods Themselves; I gushed about them back in May and tonight they're playing their first show! I'm stoked; the Gods Themselves shoot for "angular" and come off as a not-so-angry Boss Hog or Honeymoon Killers. YEAH! The headliners are the well-loved, and Speedo-clad-fronted group who "would'a been on Alternative Tentacles in the '80's" punkers, Partman Parthorse. Dig it, we get all killer and NO FILLER. This show is at the Rendezvous and completely FREE! Doors at 9pm.