Happy July 4th! Now please enjoy this fascinating post about a proposal to "reanimate" George Washington's corpse, the snatching and eventual loss of Thomas Paine's bones, how Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones came to be mummified France, and the human bones—from fifteen people—found in a pit under Benjamin Franklin's house.

NPR WTF? No link for this and I'm not sure they archive bridging patter anyway... but did a female host on NPR this morning really say that the Supreme Court's creation of another birth control exemption—expanding the Hobby Ruling—"provoked an outburst from the court's three female justices," making it sound like the Justice Sonia Sotomayor's reasoned, impassioned fifteen-page dissent, which was co-signed by Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan, was some sort of pissy, PMS-y fit? I was half asleep when I heard that. Did that really happen?

Billionaire Who Tried To Destroy Bill Clinton Dies: Aw, that's too bad. I was hoping Richard Mellon Scaife—the Koch brother from a different mother—would live long enough to see Hillary Clinton take the oath of office.

Every Child Deserves... "A suburban Atlanta man charged with murder after his 22-month-old son died from being left in a hot car for seven hours was having marital and work problems and wanted to live a child-free life, prosecutors said on Thursday." The man also did research on line about how kids die in hot cars—and so did his wife, who has not (yet) been charged. Mom and dad also took out a life insurance policy on their toddler.

32 Teams, One Cup: It's not over. Don't know who to root for now that the USA! USA! USA! is out of the running? Slate has some suggestions.

Housing Prices: Up 6% around here. A house in Seattle will set you back a half a million dollars these days. So families and working people will continue to be priced out of Seattle until we rezone huge chunks of the city (more than 70% of Seattle is zoned for single-family housing), embrace building taller buildings (a la Vancouver, B.C.), and shrink the city by building light rail to all corners. If you're against all of that, you don't get to whine about house prices because you are part of the problem.

Jump the Snark: Joan Rivers pulls a Donald Sterling.

Derp the Derp: Rick Perry remains a moron.