The Long Goodbye: As we previously reported, Pioneer Square antiquarian booksellers Wessel and Lieberman are going out of business. On their blog, they report that "Closing takes longer than opening," and note that all books in the store are now 40% off. If you're ordering from them online, use the discount code WLCOS2014 to get the discount.

How Will Andrew Lloyd Webber Ensure the London Revival of His Craptacular Musical Cats Is the Worst Cats Yet?: By turning the character of Rum Tum Tugger into a rapping street cat.

China Mievilles got something for you.
  • China Mieville's got something for you.
Free China: It's a good day when you get to read a new China Mieville story online for free.

Free Dragons: While you're busy being a nerd online for free, you should also note that the Basic Rules for Dungeons & Dragons are now available for free download as well.

Comics Aren't Just for Boys Anymore! One of the 2014 Stranger Literature Genius Award Finalists, G. Willow Wilson, has a book on Salon's list of "9 series that prove 2014 is the year of the female-centric comic book."

More Good News for Nerds: This year's Banned Book Week is going to highlight graphic novels.

Leave Your Cushy Seat to Sit in Our Cushy Seats! AMC's new plan to convince people to leave their houses and come to the movies involves fancy seating (and eventually higher prices.)

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away: Sherri Shepherd says The Bible told her to leave The View. Meanwhile, famous undignified person Sarah Palin is practically begging to be added to The View.

Adios, Fucknut: Yeah, and this happened over the long weekend. Couldn't have happened to a shittier human being.