I was reminded this morning it was eight years ago today we lost Syd Barrett—well, his body and what he'd become; Syd's mind first went missing sometime in 1967. Anyway, I'll save the editorial and just leave y'all with this live clip of the Pink Floyd. The performance is genius, natch, but the interview after they play, conducted by noted essayist and musicologist Hans Keller, is awesome. Being a trained musician, he asks, "Why has it got to be so loud?" Obviously he missed the physical possession and manipulation by their LOUDNESS. He did, however, nail it with his end summation, "My verdict is that it's a little bit of a regression to childhood, but after all, why not?"

This clip I first heard via bootlegs years ago and when I finally saw the source clip it was a bit of a revolution revelation; I don't think I knew the Pink Floyd's non-instrumental effects were actually made by Syd's mouth!