James Rehnbergs childhood home
  • James Rehnberg's childhood home

You may already know Grant Rehnberg's story about his grandfather James, a Baptist Pastor and WWII veteran who, at the age of 90, came out to his grandson five months before his death.

"He told me about the love of his life, Warren Johnson, a boy he played music with at church. He told me god loves every part of us. He told me he would trade places with me if he could. He told me he loved me."

In order to mourn his grandfather, Rehnberg, who is a queer, Seattle-based artist, took the profound experience and created The Family Connection—a multi-media installation created that seeks to explore their parallel experiences as gay men and as family members, and to answer the questions, "How do I process my feelings towards a man whose legacy of religious shame, sexual repression, and fear of one's true self shaped my own path? How do I reconcile my experiences as a young, privileged, openly-gay man with his?"

Definitely watch this video about the project:

And then definitely go to the opening reception tonight at the FRED Wildlife Refuge, 7-10 pm. Admission is based on suggested donation, with partial proceeds going to Seattle Counseling Service.