AMAZING Atasha will be your server on Friday night at Inay’s.
  • Jennifer Richard
  • AMAZING Atasha will be your server on Friday night at Inay’s.

David Schmader: "Getting acquainted with my new neighborhood o' Beacon Hill. (I already know about the Station, McPherson's, the Oak, Inay's, and Baja Bistro, but if there are other Beacon Hill treasures I should know about ASAP, please tell me in the comments.) I would also like to go see Snowpiercer."

Dave Segal: "Tuesday I’m going to Mike Nipper’s Name of the Game DJ night at Speckled & Drake, because he always turns me on to fantastic soul cuts that somehow have eluded me over the decades. And he’s funny. Thursday I’ll probably roll through Revolver for its Mini Artache Market during Capitol Hill’s Artwalk and catch some tunes by DJ Single White Female, who knows a lot about great, weird electronic music. Any chance to hear great, weird electronic music in public should not be passed up, I always say."

Dan Savage: "I am going to a Scottish friend's wedding in Glasgow. I will be reading Danubia on the plane, as we go from Glasgow to Austria."

Paul Constant: "There are two events tonight I'm interested in—of course, there's the Michael Waldman event at Town Hall I suggested, but Stranger Genius in literature nominee Shin Yu Pai is also headlining an event at Hing Hay Park tonight, with The Seattle Chamber Music Society (who will be playing pieces by Saint-Saëns, Rachmaninov, and Schubert) and other local poets Bob Flor and Koon Woon. It's a perfect day for a poetry reading/free park concert. Besides tonight's events, I'm probably most excited about the Patricia Lockwood reading at Elliott Bay Book Company on Thursday. That's going to be a good, sweaty time. And of course I'm excited about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which opens on Friday."

Bethany Jean Clement: "Upon Paul Constant’s recommendation, I’m going to try to see Patricia Lockwood's reading at Elliott Bay on Thursday at 7 p.m.—he doesn’t want to make other poets feel bad, but her new book Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals blew his mind, and I hear Jen Graves really, really loves it too (hey, Jen, can I take a look at it?). I keep meaning to try to make a version of Ernest Hemingway’s hamburger. Also, I have not yet been swimming in Lake Washington this season, which is GOING to be RECTIFIED this week, damn it."