Obama won the 2012 election in no small part because the growing anti-contraception rhetoric made it clear that the anti-choice movement was not about fetal life so much as hostility to sex, and to women. When conservative pundits snarl about how women need to simply quit having sex, or that unwanted pregnancy is a "consequence" women should suffer for sex, or that women who use birth control are "hoes" and "floozies," or that women who want their insurance to cover their medication are "shrieking," it just reinforces the Democratic claims that the conservative movement is straight up out to get women. I argued in February 2012 that Obama punked conservatives by baiting them into spewing shockingly misogynist rhetoric, but I had no idea that, two years later, they'd still be taking the bait.

Marcotte is confident that lady voters won't forget or forgive the slut-shaming bullshit, the "hoes and floozies" remarks, and the fuck-you-for-getting-pregnant rhetoric with which the GOP welcomed the Hobby Lobby decision. This shit will come back to haunt the GOP—if Dems have the sense to pull it all together in attack ads this November... and every November for years to come.

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