(White River Amphitheatre) If Nirvana killed hair metal, then At the Drive-In rang the death knell for nü metal. But just as grunge’s loser-angst and loud-quiet-loud formula ultimately birthed the culturally inbred miscalculation of Korn, so did At the Drive-In’s world of shrieking, moppy-haired, skinny jeans post-hardcore morph into the mall-friendly monstrosity of Asking Alexandria. In a strange turn of events, Appetite for Destruction received a new kind of veneration once grunge became something of a joke, which helps explain why Korn have seen an unexpected revival in popularity now that any new genre with a “-core” suffix has enough of a lowest-common-denominator appeal to serve as a prime marketing tool for right-wing conservative-owned energy drink companies and their attendant rock festivals. In summation: All music is terrible.
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