(Showbox at the Market) There was a moment when it seemed that LA’s massively talented Jurassic 5 (rappers Chali 2na, Akil, Zaakir, Marc 7, and turntablists DJ Nu-Mark, Cut Chemist) might save innovative hiphop from underground banishment. This happened around the turn of the millennium, which was a difficult time for real hiphop. Crews that banked on skills were either not getting signed or being dropped by major labels. In this challenging climate, Jurassic 5 seemed to do the impossible: Be innovative and popular at the same time. The crew was signed to a major label, adored by music critics, and between 2000 and 2002 released two albums that sold pretty well. Eventually, however, reality caught up with the crew and pulled them down to the place where producers and rappers with talent are exiled to this day. With Dilated Peoples. CHARLES MUDEDE
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Whoa! The Dutchess and the Duke are kinda sorta maybe playing shows again? (The duo—that’s Kimberly Morrison and Jesse Lortz—played their last show at the Tractor in 2010.) Or maybe it’s just this show, but whatever the case: YAY, relight that campfire punk! Their heart-squeezing, acoustic dusk folk is captivating, like watching swirls of warm, slow smoke rise from a stick of incense, but also charming—the sweetness and sand and honesty in the lyrics yin-yang perfectly with the boy/girl harmonies and catchy melodies. This show will be in Chop Suey’s Dragon Lounge (the smaller room in the front of the venue)—a perfectly intimate space for you to go ahead and cop some mental feels. EMILY NOKES
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Rohnert Park punk act Ceremony are, of course, not the first band to ever drastically change styles during their career. Originally uprooting from hardcore's unforgiving aural garden, the longstanding Bay Area hardcore outfit recently cross-pollinated with totally wired British post-punk. Although now less manic, the band's newer/artier stuff is still thoroughly moshable. You should probably also be completely nerd-jazzed on their Urinals cover ("I'm a Bug"—check it on YouTube!). This show is also sonically blessed with premier local freaks Dreamdecay, who have kept heavy/weird music fans hanging in suspension for their brutal wall-of-power-gaze since last year's NVNVNV. Also with Mysterious Skin, a new Seattle band who keep appearing on cool bills, despite having no internet presence—sometimes you just gotta take the leap of faith. Black Lodge, 9 pm. BRITTNIE FULLER
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