Glitterbang's neon-green electropop scatters roses on the dance floor. Songs off their album Occasionally, Love Is War are emotive, sexed, disco-teched, and dreaming. Joey Veneziani and Nicki Boedigheimer have become Seattle's preeminent '80s/druid-cloaked preachers of dance. Their sound seems to have sprung from Anthony Michael Hall lines in Sixteen Candles, like "Relax, would you? We have 70 dollars and a pair of girl's underpants. We're safe as kittens." Hall and Glitterbang effectively portray a similar character of the unabashed underdog who'll soon prevail. Let us also revel in Long Duk Dong's response of "Oto-mo-biiile?" as Samantha's father, Howard, asks him, "Dong. Where is my automobile?" For this interview, I met with Glitterbang in a viewing room at the Adult Superstore underneath Déjà Vu Showgirls across from Pike Place Market. I put in a Popeye the Sailor cartoon DVD, and we mostly whispered. It was dark and dewy and smelled like eucalyptus. (Veneziani has a friend who's a janitor there, and he hooked us up.) A well-groomed man in a suit browsed the dildo section uptightly.

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