I don't use rideshare apps, so someone will have to enlighten me. Is this the Uber of parking, the Lyft of parking, or the Google Plus of parking?

MonkeyParking, an app that lets people bid on public parking spaces, said Thursday it will suspend its service in San Francisco to avoid a potential lawsuit from the city attorney.

The app, developed by a company in Rome, lets people bid on parking spots that other users of the app are about to vacate. It's meant to reduce the headache of finding parking, but critics said it also forced people into paying for a free public resource.

This is one of those asshole Silicon-Valley-libertarian ideas that would take off in San Francisco, and it's exactly the kind of intervention that a government should make. I'm not convinced this app would take off, anyway: Who has time to just sit in their parking spot and sort through bids? And is it really a good idea for a bunch of people circling the streets of a city in their cars to distract themselves with the task of sniping other bidders out of a parking spot?