THIS COULD BE your undoing
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  • IT'S MORE FUN THAN DRINKING SODA because it's basically, like, snow-da, man.

Krishanu Ray: "It's free Slurpee day, and this year free Slurpee Day is followed by a whole week of free gas station-caliber snacks."

Christopher Frizzelle: "I'm going to go to Fogon and have their 'ceviche y corona' lunch. It's a large mound of ceviche and an ice-cold Corona, for like $8. It's gonna be so hot, I'll probably eat this three days in a row."

David Schmader: "Going to see Snowpiercer at Ark Lodge Cinema!"

Kelly O: "Because I'm a glutton for heat punishment, I'm going over to Ellensburg, where it will be 102 degrees, to float the Yakima River with some friends."

Anna Minard: "I will be going to the Light in the Attic party tomorrow, because I am not an idiot and that sounds rad. There are hella breweries around there, too, so there’ll surely be a pre-funk/post-funk situation. Otherwise, I plan to be building an ice cave in a cool basement somewhere and buying lots of those little fans that spray water at you.

Dave Segal: "Tonight I’m heading to Kremwerk to experience Detroit techno deity Claude Young lubricate the room with a grip of high-IQ bangers, like the master he is. Saturday is all about Light in the Attic’s Summer Spectacular party, even though soulful farmer boys from Fruitland, Washington, Donnie & Joe Emerson, just dropped off the bill today. Still, there’ll be enough live and DJ'd music and record-buying opportunities to make this worth the trip to Ballard. Sunday afternoon I’ll hit the Comet’s Hangover Flea Market, with the always on-point DJ Explorateur spinning world-class records."

Charles Mudede: "After work ('Friday night, just got paid'), I'm going to check out the new happy hour menu at Saint John's (food: 'Coca Cola Braised Pork Tacos,' which are going for $6; drink: house white wine, $4 a glass). I'm also rereading parts of Pierre Dardot and Christian Laval's excellent book New Way of the World for a review that will be written next week and appear in this paper the week after that."

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Bethany Jean Clement: "ONLY SWIM."