Lets talk about the view--but not this view.
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  • Let's talk about the view—but not this view.

Agua Verde on Portage Bay

Let's talk about the view. Not the view of the canal connecting Lake Washington to Lake Union, or the sunshine twinkling on the cyan waves of Portage Bay. Not the leafy trees across the way or the frog-colored water lilies bobbing in the water. Not the lumps of fresh white cod in fried golden batter that, somehow, stay crisp on the outside despite being enrobed in creamy avocado sauce inside your burrito. Not the view of tequila and pulverized lime swirling in your icy margarita. Not the chipotle salsa that you serve yourself ad infinitum from the condiment bar inside the beach-house-turned-cabana-cantina. And not the banana-colored canoes for rent on a small wooden pier. No. Those are not the best views from this patio. Rowing—the primary sport in the waterway before you—requires tremendous upper-body exertion, which builds exquisite arms. The people who do this sport must pass this exquisite patio with their exquisite, exquisite arms. Let's talk about that view. DOMINIC HOLDEN


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