It's Too Motherfucking Hot: Here's how to survive 90-degree temperatures in Seattle.

Reefer Madness: Slog went crazy for legal pot this week! Here's where you can smoke. Here's what the pot packages look like, although they need a little work. Here's why you should enjoy legal pot. Here's how you should enjoy pot. We witnessed the first sale in a legal pot store. It was a huge media circus. We asked folks how excited they were to smoke pot for the first time. We sent Charles Mudede to Vancouver. This is all great, but how did the WSLCB fuck the logistics of pot stores up so badly? Also: Pictures!

Stop Harshing Our Mellow: Okay, so City Attorney Pete Holmes probably technically violated some workplace drug rules when he bought pot on the first day of legal weed and brought it into City Hall. But can we all agree that those rules are stupid? (And can we also agree that the amateur cartoonist who works at the Seattle Police Department should not quit the day job?)

You Stopped a Court from Manufacturing Child Porn: A judge ordered police to take a picture of a teenage boy's penis. Dan Savage asked you to take action. You did. Now, they're having second thoughts about that whole kiddie-porn business. Good work, you guys.

Patty Murray Is Our Hero: Senator Murray is trying to stop the Supreme Court's ridiculous Hobby Lobby ruling from affecting the health of American women. She came to Capitol Hill to discuss her initiative. And she wants you to help.

An Eyman-Shaped Hole: However shall we fill it?

Drones Over Seattle: Amazon asked the FAA for permission to test their fleet of delivery drones in Seattle. This inspired people to say some terrible things.

Contra-Contraception: Why are conservatives so anti-contraception?

Guns and Movies: If you're for gun control, can you enjoy gun-filled movies with a clear conscience?

STOP TRYING TO INSPIRE ME, TAMPONS: Megan Seling has an important message for inanimate objects.

The Grass-in-the-Ear Selfie: Charles Mudede tries to make it happen.

Are Cupcakes Dead? Not if Dan Savage has anything to say about it.