AN IMAGE FROM SECONDS, the new graphic novel from Scott Pilgrim author Bryan Lee OMalley
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  • AN IMAGE FROM SECONDS, the new graphic novel from Scott Pilgrim author Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Paul Constant: "Tomorrow, I'll be stopping by Drinking Liberally at the Roanoke Tavern at 8 pm. Thursday, I'm looking forward to the API Flying Bookshelf launch party at the Eastern Cafe. The Bookshelf is a moving library intended to celebrate 'Asian and Pacific Islander authors, scholars, activists, and revolutionaries,' and it will move from location to location. All week long, I'm going to be preparing for my Verse Chapter Verse event with Bryan Lee O'Malley and Tacocat at Town Hall on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to this event and I want it to be extra-special, so I'll be trying to think up some great questions. (Shameless plug: We've already sold a whole lot of tickets to this event, so if you're thinking about joining us, you might want to buy tickets now.)"

Eli Sanders: "Celebrating the arrival of the Stranger Election Control Board's endorsements for the August 5th primary! (Out Wednesday! With a handy CHEAT SHEET for your voting pleasure! Guaranteed to reveal which candidate lied to us, and who claimed who was bald!) And what? You haven't received your ballot yet? Do not fear: That's because ballots are being mailed as we speak."

David Schmader: "Listening to Donna Summer's mid-'70s concept albums and placing myself near picturesque water. Also, did I miss Free Slurpee Day?"

Dave Segal: "Tuesday I’m checking out DJ Slugbait’s new night at Revolver that’s devoted to the soundtrack music from Kenneth Anger and John Carpenter's ’70s and ’80s films, as well as to other dark electronic-music manifestations from those decades. Wednesday I may see DJ Krush at Neumos, mainly because I want to hear 'Kemuri' done live one more time. Thursday through Saturday will be consumed by the experimental/drone/ambient extravaganza known as Substrata 1.4 at Chapel Performance Space."

Bethany Jean Clement: "Today is Bastille Day, so I’m going to do some storming of something shortly. Do you love pinball? I just started to understand how great it is, and this here Pinball Rally looks a little varsity league, but maybe some pointers could be gleaned. And OMG I really, REALLY wish I was going to see the Go-Go’s, even more after reading Megan’s awesome article about how they’re more awesome than you ever even thought, which was pretty goddamn awesome."

Kelly O: "On Wednesday, I am going to something at Pony called "A Night of a 1000 Gloryholes! A Costume Party." Uh, and I'm taking my camera."

Anna Minard: "I plan to spend the week attempting to survive Hotpocalypse 2014, mainly via cocktails. I forgot for a sec how stupid-great Bimbo’s happy hour is but then I just remembered, and I’m sure my ass will end up in St. John’s cool back patio chairs at some point. Oh yeah, and Ballard’s La Isla has a sweet late-night happy hour with great, cheap mojitos, too. Yum."