The final days of  Adam Sekuler
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  • The final days of Adam Sekuler

Sekuler Leaving NWFF: The Stranger has just learned that Adam Sekuler, a local experimental filmmaker and the former program director for Northwest Film Forum, is leaving Seattle in early August for Boulder, Colorado. Sekuler's plan is to obtain a masters from the university in that town. Sekuler's final film project in Seattle will be editing Rob Devor's documentary Pow Wow. The Northwest Film Forum is having a send-off party for, and a screening of a film by, Sekuler on August 4.

Artist's Work Stolen: It looks like this poor woman who had her entire performance encased in a single bag had it stolen from her downtown place while she wasn't even in town. Sheesh. Help her get her stuff back, please.

You Can Open for Lena Dunham in Seattle: This is a great fucking idea: For her book tour this fall, Lena Dunham is asking local talented people to be her opening act. She requests that you live within 75 miles of the city, but besides that, it's pretty much wide open. You just have to submit a link to video of you performing your talent—music, comedy, whatever—to this form on her website. Dunham will be reading at University Methodist Church as part of University Book Store's reading series on Saturday, October 18th. Tickets, including a signed copy of the book, are $28 and available through UBS.

Jonathan Demme’s Talking Heads Concert Film Stop Making Sense Receives First Digital Release: To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Palm Pictures has released Jonathan Demme’s phenomenal concert film Stop Making Sense digitally for the first time. There’ll also be a limited engagement in theaters, including a run at SIFF Aug. 1-3. Stop Making Sense featured Talking Heads in their newly expanded, ultra-funky lineup, and the performances therein capture the group at a peak, reinventing old songs with new vigor and showing that a jam band can be an exciting proposition.

The Henry Art Gallery Has a New-ish Assistant Curator: Her name is Nina Gara Bozicnik, she has a Master's degree in Art History and Museum Studies from Tufts, and prior to the Henry she was assistant curator since 2010 at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire. There she organized solo and group exhibitions by contemporary emerging artists—one on landscape video. Before that, she was curatorial fellow at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. The museum interviewed her on its blog in May. (There was no press release announcing her arrival.)

Lindsay Lohan Promises She Won't Miss a Rehearsal for or Performance of Speed-the-Plow: And Michael K at Dlisted, America's poet laureate of snark, claims to know how she'll keep her word:

I have no doubt that crafty ashtray will find a way to get her freckled ass to work. Every day at 4pm, her assistant will call 1-800-GOT-JUNK and tell them that a 120lb pile of orange trash needs to be removed from Lindsay’s hotel room and taken to The Playhouse theatre. Then a group of London rats will carry a passed-out LiLo into her dressing room, where she’ll wait for the director to find her with a note pinned to her shirt that reads: “I’m here! Pay up, bitches.”

Comic Book Character Needs Publicity: Disney-owned comic publisher Marvel announced on Disney-owned TV show The View that Marvel Comics character Thor will be a woman for a while. Or rather, a woman will become Thor, which makes no sense, since "Thor" is a proper name. It would be like if you got mad at a guy named Steve for attracting all the attention at a party and you suddenly announced "I AM STEVE NOW!" Everybody would look at you like you're crazy. This is like that.