Metro Crash in Moscow: 19 dead.

Egyptian Truce Proposal Accepted by Israel, But Not Hamas: The fight goes on in Gaza.

Ramadan Shopping Attack in Eastern Afghanistan: At least 89 people dead; Taliban says it didn't do it. (Haqqani, sources wonder?) Taliban does take responsibility for killing two of the outgoing president's team in a separate attack.

Magic Kingdom Horror: Thirty-five Disney World employees arrested for child-related sex crimes; Universal and SeaWorld workers implicated, too. Skip theme parks. Take your kids to the beach and swim.

Jose Antonio Vargas, Journalist, Filmmaker, and Immigration Activist: Detained at the Texas border.

Friends Share More DNA Than Strangers?: New research.

Meanwhile, Scientists Say They're Closer to Finding Friends for Earth: “I think in the next 20 years we will find out we are not alone in the universe,” said NASA astronomer Kevin Hand.

Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills a 9-Year-Old Girl: She got it from swimming in fresh water in Kansas.

"Our Bees, Ourselves": Learn from the honeybee collapse.

Microbes Are THIS Important: "We Are Our Bacteria."

Hellish Customer Service Call: A tech journalist tries to cancel his Comcast.

Forget Google Glass, Wear Smart Contacts Instead: Obv. Meanwhile, the creator of Google Glass goes to Amazon.

It's Official: Uber and Lyft Are Like Pot (Kind of) in Seattle: Yesterday afternoon's decision.

How Badly Did Brazil Lose This World Cup?: Spike Friedman took a look at the larger questions around World Cup success and failure—people dead and displaced, infrastructures half-built—on Slog yesterday. From his post:

Is funding the World Cup fundamentally different than what’s happening with sports in Seattle or is it merely different by a matter of degree? Because our growing problems with poverty and homelessness are still considered tolerable, we're entitled to pursue packing a fourth and fifth major professional sports team into our mid-sized American city, while watching our largest research institution spend a quarter of a billion dollars renovating a football stadium while in-state tuition grows at five times the rate of inflation?

Trying Over Again at Woodstock: The farm gone digital, then stopped in its tracks by the sky.

Eschaton! This video for a Decemberists song isn't new, but it's worth watching again if only to remember the chaos that proceeds from the basic busting of an agreed-upon metaphor.