The Guardian:

The day may soon come when some of the 19 polar bear populations in Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway, and Russia will have to be fed by humans in order to keep them alive during an extended ice-free season or prevent them from roaming into northern communities. Some bears may have to be placed in temporary holding compounds until it is cold enough for them to go back onto the sea ice. In worst-case scenarios, polar bears from southern regions may have to be relocated to more northerly climes that have sufficient sea ice cover.

In the anthropocene (the geological epoch defined by human activity), there are no true wild animals. All macroorganisms become synanthropic ("together with" + anthro, "human"). The wilderness that remains is microscopic. But the polar bear is doomed to become not just synanthropic like raccoons, pigeons, and rats (which must still struggle for their survival in the human habitat) but instead like the animals that live in captivity. With the anthropocene, the whole world is transformed into a zoo.

As for dogs and cats, these animals are not with us but are us. They have become something of the human...
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