I've always posted the first FIVE of my annual Top 10 BI-annually, 'cause a year-end wrap up kinda sucks. C'mon, guys, what if I forget something important? GAH! So, here you go! My ONE rule—these are songs or albums I heard for the FIRST TIME during 2014; their actual release date matters fuck all.

1.Tin House: Tin House LP

Dig this hard-rockin' hard rock from 1971. The first two tracks are good, but once "Be Good And Be Kind" opens up...it's all over. I only admit to not knowing this LP till now 'cause it's expensive; the LP was produced by Mr. Rick "Rock 'n' Roll Hootchie Coo" Derringer.

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2. Madden & Harris: Fool's Paradise LP

Holy SHIT, this LP, Fool's Paradise, is AWESOME. The duo were from Sydney, Australia and the LP was issued on their private label, Jasmine Records. It's a dreamy folk record with expected and slightly stilted contemporary prog flourishes; overall tho', it's a shimmering beauty. Oh yeah, HELLA MELLOTRON!

3. The Kingsmen: "Today"

I KNOW I already wrote about this, like a month ago, but it QUALIFIES as part of my top '14 jams!! It's my favorite song so far this year.

4.Terry & Marsha: "He"

I know nothing about these ladies, but their 45 is a great soul double sider; the flip, "It's A Possibility," is real good, too.

5. Gladys Knight & The Pips: "Keep An Eye"

Seriously, y'all, I'd never heard this overlooked Gladys Knight & The Pips side until two weeks ago. As far as I'm concerned, you can keep Diana Ross/Supremes and give me Ms. Knight and the Pips; the more I hear the more I NEED to hear!