YES, ITS HOT OUT But you still have to vote.
  • James Yamasaki
  • YES, IT'S HOT OUT But you still have to vote.

Jesus, it's hot in Seattle right now. The Stranger office's air conditioning shat itself and died sometime in February, and we've just spent the last three sweltering weeks listening to a bunch of Olympia politicians explain why we need to send them back for another spin in the state legislature—deep breaths, it's too hot for this bullshit—right after they've just spent their last terms spinelessly handing Boeing nearly $9 billion in tax breaks while also failing to find the relatively piddling $2 billion that the state supreme court ordered them to cough up so we could properly fund basic education for the next couple school years. The motherfucking STATE SUPREME COURT. And what did Olympia do? They pretty much just sat around with their hands down their pants, taking a couple minutes here and there to sniff at their fingers with deeply satisfied looks on their faces.