All Our State Legislators Are Going to Prison: Okay, that's not true, but I really wanted to get your attention so that you'd remember: VOTING TIME IS HERE. And the Stranger Election Control Board's guide hot off the presses this morning is, once again, the only useful thing about local politics.

Israel Tells 100,000 Gazans to Leave: In advance of ramped-up strikes.

Around 600 Kids Who Crossed the Border from Central America: May be coming to Tacoma's military bases. Various states have responded by either inviting the kids in, or shoving protests at them.

Meanwhile, the Ku Klux Klan Is Giving Out Candy: Friendly recruitment! Guess which side of the border-crossing-kids debate the KKK is on?

What the White House Thinks We Should Do: About climate change. Meanwhile, drought-hit California will fine you for wasting water.

Where Things Stand: With the fight to end AIDS.

Third Term's the...?: Assad sworn in for his third term in Iran.

"Inadequate wiring": Moscow metro workers are arrested.

You Saw Her, Right?: Don't fall in love with Jibo, the first family robot, who's not an appliance but a companion.

What's "the Least Understood Human Organ"?: The stupendously invasive placenta.

May the Park You Visit Today Not Be Like This: Horseshoe Lake Park in Port Orchard is closed after 200 people reported getting sick.

More Nature Pain: Eastern Washington counties are in a state of emergency as wildfires spread.

Huge Things Eating Other Huge Things: 21st Century Fox does not take over Time Warner, but a new wave of media mega-mergers may be on the horizon.

A Feathered, Four-Winged Dinosaur?: Fossils found in China.

Confusion Sets In: Captain America goes to the Kennedy compound to find Katy Perry.

Casey Kasem's Body Laid Up in a Washington State Morgue: They don't say which one. This story also involves raw meat.

The artist On Kawara has died. His art was all about time, and now his has run out. He used to send telegrams to friends that just said, "I am still alive," and he was best known for a series of paintings that simply showed dates. He began them on January 4, 1966. I wonder whether he made one on his last day.