The New Age revival continues apace. Last year’s Light in the Attic released I Am the Center, a massive box set spotlighting some of new age music’s peaks from 1950 to 1990 that helped to increase awareness of this movement. Now Red Bull Music Academy’s getting into the act with a site called Eternal Bliss™, dubbed "the internet’s most relaxing site."

Using tracks by artists such as Gora Sou, Lucretia Dalt, Johnny Nash, Nightwave, Venice, Suzanne Kraft, Anenon, May Roosevelt, Daisuke Tanabe, A.R.T. Wilson, and Spokane-born producer/musician James Pants, Eternal Bliss™ tailors each piece to a certain zone, e.g., rainforest trance, rise and shine, aquatic, celestial chrome, quantum harvest, tropic of drift, refresh your chakra, Ayurveda dream, Pangaea, etc.

You’re convinced that Eternal Bliss™ is earnest and sincere, until you see the seemingly solemn pronouncements scroll slowly down the screen, such as “You are floating in vast emptiness”; “Allow the diamond deep within yourself to meditate the chakra in your tongue”; “Take responsibility that what you are experiencing/perceiving is your creation”; “Dash out of the light body and into the context.” These instructions seem just off enough for skepticism to creep into your supremely tranquil mind. Nevertheless, I recommend that you venture forth and choose meditation sessions of 1 minute, 10 minutes, an hour, or ∞. This shit actually works, even if Red Bull's hyper-energized tongue is in its cheek.