WORKFORCE HOUSING Here it is, Mayor Murray. Get on the ball and preserve it! Donna Mercer is on the far right.
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  • THIS is the Central District's Squire Park Plaza. The government contributed $9.7 million in taxpayer money to build 60 affordable housing units here, according to the Tenants Union. But, after only seven years in existence, Squire Park Plaza looked like it might be sold to a private developer who residents feared would raise rents. Then, after these folks asked the mayor to intervene yesterday, things changed.

Yesterday I reported on concerns that Squire Park Plaza—a huge chunk of publicly-funded workforce housing in the Central District—was about to be sold to a private developer who would raise rents. Residents of Squire Park were appealing to Mayor Ed Murray for intervention to keep the building in nonprofit hands, and it looks like they got his attention. (See the update at the end of my post.)