From KUOW's education reporter Ann Dornfeld:

The Seattle School Board voted unanimously Friday to make Larry Nyland the interim schools chief to replace outgoing Superintendent Jose Banda.

Nyland retired as superintendent in Marysville in 2013 after nine years. He spent the last year as a consultant on superintendent evaluations.

Seattle School Board President Sharon Peaslee said she was impressed by Nyland’s reputation. "It’s a relentless focus on equity and on ensuring the success of all students and doing whatever it takes to ensure all students have the support they need to succeed," Peaslee said.

Current supe José Banda, you'll recall, is skipping town to go superintend in Sacramento.

Seattle Public Schools watchdog Melissa Westbrook asked him if he'd consider staying on in the permanent role. His response, according to Westbrook: "He said it was too early to tell and he wouldn't rule it out." Dornfeld says the school board "will likely spend much of the upcoming school year searching for a new permanent schools chief."