The Downing of the Malaysia Airlines Flight: An overview and the latest, in timeline form. The Guardian is tracking world response. Here's a map of the flight and the crash, routes closed to the flight, and other airlines avoiding the area.

A Leading AIDS Researcher: Was killed on that plane.

Cord Jefferson on How Men Can Be Stalkers Without Realizing It: But he did, and they must, he writes. This is really important. Men often don't even recognize their aggression. I've had this experience repeatedly myself, and men HAVE GOT TO work with other men to stop this.

"[T]he possibility of significantly widening the ground operation": Netanyahu on Israel's ramping up troops for the ground offensive in Gaza. Thirty thousand are already mobilized; 18,000 reservists being called up.

Germany's Merkel Wants to Talk to Obama: About spying. She says Germany won't harbor Snowden.

"Super-typhoon" Hitting China: The same storm that hit the Philippines has gathered new strength.

Is Your Bedroom Too Hot?: Sleep cooler.

Rape on Campus: UConn settles for $1.2 million with five students who said their sexual assault complaints were mishandled.

The Japanese Artist Arrested for 3D Printing Her Genitalia: Has been released, but could face two years in jail if convicted.

Berlusconi Acquitted: Of paying for sex with an underage prostitute.

Pregnant Workers' Rights: Valerie Jarrett on new enforcement guidance against pregnancy discrimination, which affects low-income working women the most.

Please Count Butterflies: This is a good assignment.

NBA Hall of Famer Bill Russell Collapses: He was at a speaking engagement in Lake Tahoe and was supposed to return home to Seattle last night. He's recovering well, Celtics officials say. Russell was the first black head coach in a major U.S. pro sport.

The 40-Year-Old NFL Cheerleader: She's cheering for the New Orleans Saints. I wonder whether they pay. Read about NFL cheerleading and labor exploitation for yourself.

Why wear pants?