Not Coming to a Ballot Near You: Sorry, haters, the $15 referendum didn't make the ballot.

Actually Coming to a Ballet Near You: Vote for the regressive Metro-saving tax this fall.

Chopp Vs. Spear: Here's our long history with Frank Chopp, who we endorsed in the race against Jess Spear. The Socialist Alternative strenuously disagrees with our endorsement, and so do I.

Holcomb Vs. Sawant: While predicting a dirty campaign filled with incendiary rhetoric, Alison Holcomb launched incendiary rhetoric at Kshama Sawant. Sawant kept her response clean.

More Like Micro-Sucks: Brendan Kiley reads the Microsoft layoff letter, and he also investigates their vendor situation, which seems to be getting a lot worse.

More Like Mika-Don't: Seattle's Mikado "yellowface" controversy is getting ugly. Yesterday, Dave Ross really stepped in it over this show.

"It's ma'am, actually." Some serious business went down at Pagliacci's.

There's a Meth Head Under the Bed: You've heard the story, but have you read Grant Brissey's fantastic interview with the woman who found a meth head hiding under her bed? We all could learn something from her classy, compassionate response.

Ansel Makes Soccer Interesting: Here's an interview with Dave Zirin about the World Cup, and here's why the Sounders are better than the World Cup.

Let's Talk About Boyhood: An interview with Richard Linklater.

Red Bull: Now With Eternal Bliss™! Dave Segal recommends meditation.

Good Week for Books: Seattle got a new bookstore and a new traveling library this week.

Handling Mudede: Remember that time Charles Mudede single-handedly delivered shopping bags with handles to the south Seattle Safeway?

Because "Kitty" Rhymes with "City" The meme-ification of City Hall.