Man Arrested On Suspicion of Grisly Double Murder: After bodies were found near the Duwamish river.

Keeping a Close Eye on Our Friendly Neighborhood Volcanoes: "This weekend, a group of about 75 geophysicists from around the world are gathering at Mount St. Helens to bore 23 holes into the mountain so they can create seismic waves with small explosions equivalent to a magnitude 2 earthquake."

Alleged SPU Shooter Aaron Ybarra: Had it rough at home.

Two Thousand Firefighters: At work fighting at least 50 blazes and strong winds in Eastern Washington.

Today in Resurgent American Unions: The National Labor Relations Board is expected to rule soon on charges that McDonald's fired nine workers for their involvement in union-affiliated fast food strikes.

If the NLRB finds that the McDonald's corporation bears partial responsibility for the actions of franchises operating under its name and likeness, it paves the way for union efforts regarding unfair wages to take on the company directly, as it would no longer be able to hide behind the veneer having no wage control over its erstwhile subordinates.
Meanwhile, Rep. Keith Ellison plans to introduce legislation giving workers the option to sue their employers for retaliating against them, offering more direct recourse than the current NLRB complaint process.

Official Commission Unanimously Approves Reductions in Sentences for Incarcerated Drug Offenders: "The mass offer of sentence reductions comes amid a wave of bipartisan support for criminal justice reform that has gained momentum in the final years of President Barack Obama’s administration." It'll have to be approved by Congress, however.

1.5 Million People Added to Terrorist Watch List: the last five years. If you're on it, the government refuses to tell you why.

Eight Members of One Family Killed in Their Home: By three Israeli artillery shells crashing through the walls. "I have not comprehended it," says a relative. "They were good people. Educated, respected. They never did wrong to anyone."

Secretary of State John Kerry on Gaza, When He Thought the Press Couldn't Hear Him: "It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation, it’s a hell of a pinpoint operation."

Ugandan street dance battle gets more than three million views on YouTube, here's why: