The documentary Alive Inside is an attempt to garner support for Music and Memory, a bunch of science types who've proven music therapy is a way to combat dementia. Theirs is a simple solution: Give dementia patients an iPod full of music, preferably music they loved when they were younger and more lucid and, as they listen, they come back to life! It is SO awesome to watch!!

I bet most all'a y'all have already seen the remarkable clip from Alive Inside featuring, "Henry," a dementia patient who is essentially paralyzed from the condition. Well, if not, WATCH THE CLIP—it's fucking beautiful. There are no pills involved with this therapy; it's all sensory, and you can actually watch Henry's brain light up as it reconnects paths, even as his alertness is fleeting.

Alive Inside did screen at SIFF this year, but returns August 22 at the Varsity.