Of all the thoughts currently keeping me up at night (why does my neighbor only skateboard at 4 a.m.? Does that cracking/clomping noise mean he's really good or really bad? Are tootsie rolls really supposed to be chocolate?), the most stressful one is this: Who will do the Drake and Kendrick Lamar verses on A$AP Rocky's hit jam "Fuckin' Problems" at Block Party this weekend? We all know that's the song we want to hear, but it was made to be executed by three very-specific rappers (plus 2-Chainz on the chorus, which we can do without in a pinch).

I mean, either someone else does them (not recommended), or A$AP does the "mic to the audience super-shitty shout-along" (which no festival crowd has ever pulled off), or… DRAKE AND KENDRICK COME OUT AND SAVE BLOCK PARTY??? Er, or they'll probably just play the recording while A$AP politely waits on the side of the stage for his turn.

Other than my high-level panic about how that one song is going to play out on Sunday, here's what I'm excited about:

• Local bands like Dude York, Stickers (who have a new album coming out soon!), Neighbors, Childbirth, Constant Lovers (that band photo), Katie Kate, Country Lips, Sashay, and Wolfgang Fuck (based solely on the band name). PLUS the Thermals and Audacity.
• Chugging water all day on Friday in order to be the first person to baptize the clear-blue water of the immaculate, 4 p.m. Porta Potties.
• The unbridled level of stooooooned I'm going to get in order to make everything more interesting.

Here's what I'm less excited about:

The Julie Ruin not being able to play. Please feel better, Kathleen!
• The fact that there will be no Shishkaberry's stand for my lunch and dinner.
• The heaps of bands this year that sound like clouds, waves, being asleep, and Instagram filters.

Our guide to Block Party will be out tomorrow. For now, find more info here.