The National Review is all over this most pressing of stories:

In his new book Clinton, Inc., which hits bookshelves today, [Daniel] Halper quotes a friend and law-school classmate of the former first lady and New York senator who says: “I think she’s acknowledged it, and if she hasn’t acknowledged it everybody else will tell you: She was an enthusiastic pot user.”

The commenters on the story at The Corner are outraged that a human being may have smoked marijuana:

Drunk or high. Both are indicators of someone that should not be trusted with the destiny of our country and the futures of our children.


1st we had Obama & his Choom antics...Do we really want Hillary's Chooma presidency next?....

Sure she smoked pot. Most democrats are drug users of sort of other.
Democrats have contributed much to our culture these last 50 years.
Abortion on demand. Rampant gay sex. Unlimited drug use. Aids.
Cohabitation. Alcohol abuse. Gambling addiction. Subsidized government free handouts. Oppressive taxation. Redistribution just to name a few.
No wonder they are called progressives.

probably gotta chunk of THC the size of a charcoal briquette lodged in her brain.

When asked about pot use on her book tour, Clinton replied: “I didn’t do it when I was young, I’m not going to start now." I don't claim to have any knowledge of what Clinton did or did not do as a young person, but I do know that I am looking forward to the day when politicians don't have to waste anyone's time with an accounting of their youthful marijuana use.