Congressman Adam Smith, admitted bald guy.
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  • Congressman Adam Smith, admitted bald guy.
Pastor Don Rivers is running for Congress (again), and he's determined to swing like crazy—like, really crazy—at incumbent congressman Adam Smith. For example, when Smith accused Rivers of pushing a "bald-faced lie" during the candidates' meeting with the Stranger Election Control Board, Rivers's comeback was: "You're bald."

As the SECB tried to remember why we were doing this again, Smith conceded: "That's one thing we can agree on. I'm bald." Okay! Um. Anyway, guys, from what we can figure out, Rivers thinks Smith isn't doing his job, shouldn't represent the recently re-drawn Ninth District, and is "incompetent of culture" (which sounds like a racist dog whistle aimed at a white politician in a district that has a majority population of racial minorities). Yeesh. CONTINUE READING --->