This morning at 9:30, city council member Kshama Sawant will hold a meeting of her committee overseeing Seattle City Light. Invited to today's meeting? City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco, who's met with some pretty bad press in the last month or so. Council Member Sally Clark seemed anxious about this meeting in a briefing earlier this week, telling Sawant she wasn't sure if this would be "a meeting or a grilling."

Oooh, a public grilling! I can't make it for the meeting this morning*, but you can watch it live right here:

Don't remember why you should care? Here's the basic breakdown: Just after the minimum wage passed, city council decided to vote on a mind-bogglingly large, retroactively effective pay increase for Carrasco, saying he was underpaid compared to other utility CEOs. (They did pass the pay raise, though it was amended to not be retroactive, likely out of some acknowledgement for how crazy that looked in the face of a phased-in minimum wage.)

In the meantime, the Seattle Times went on a fun fact-finding mission probably called Mission Fuck Up Jorge Carrasco's Google Rankings Forever, and they dug up some dirt. After all that, the mayor declined to actually enact Carrasco's big raise when it came across his desk.

Meanwhile, Sawant and colleague Nick Licata have expressed concerns that there hasn't been a survey of City Light employee morale in years.

And ta-daa! The recipe for a potentially fiery council meeting. Sorry I won't be there, chums. Seeya next time!

*We have our editorial meetings on Wednesdays, where we pass the bong around and talk about Dan Savage and how young and fit he's looking these days and how brilliant he is. Or, if he's not in earshot, about whatever we want.