Hullooooomosexuals! As exhaustively detailed in this week's Homosexual Agenda...well, you know. Bianca Del Rio! The winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6! The evil bitch (um, in a good way?) that unseated our darling Jinkx! Exactly. Well, she is here tonight, Thursday the 24th, appearing at indeed no less than THREE wondrous events at the Baltic Room that YOU can experience live and allegedly “in person”. You can even meet her and get your pretty picture taken… that is IF you are clutching VIP ALL ACCESS PASSES in your hot little hands. And you aren't! I know it for a fact! Those suckers have been sold out for weeks, and there was only a wee fist full of them to begin with. However! I am in sole possession of the only two All-Access VIP Passes left in the known universe, and you want them, you know you do. They will get you into the Second Annual Drag Auction (hosted by Bianca Del Rio), Revolution Thursdays (hosted by Bianca Del Rio), the VIP meet-n-greet (hosted by Bianca Del Rio), the Toast and Roast (hosted by...yeah, you know who)—the whole chalupa! And to get them, the first step is retweet the tweet below by 3 p.m. today, and I'll put your name into the proverbial hat. The winner will be chosen at random, of course. Hurry! You really don't want to keep this bitch Bianca waiting.