Currently amusing our newsroom, via the Everett Herald:

Republican state Rep. Mike Hope resigned Thursday after it was revealed he's been registered to vote in two states, Washington and Ohio, since last summer...

Wednesday night, Hope emailed Barbara Baker, chief clerk of the House of Representatives, informing her he intended to step down. But he did not provide a date.

The two had been talking because a Snohomish County resident had contacted Baker alleging the now ex-lawmaker had become a voter and maybe a resident of Ohio.

It was true. Hope, who last lived in Mill Creek, became a registered voter in Lake County, Ohio, in August 2013 through the state's motor-voter law. He doesn't recall doing it and has never voted there.

State law, of course, requires that an elected official like Hope be registered to vote in the district he serves. He also admits that he doesn't have a permanent address in Washington State anymore, as he plans to move back to his native Ohio soon; the moderate Snohomish County Republican wasn't going to run for reelection this fall anyway. It's now possible, writes Jerry Cornfield in the Herald, that Hope could be forced to reimburse the state for his lawmaker salary for however long he's been registered elsewhere and, apparently, not actually living in his district.

Representative Hope, you may recall, is a former Seattle police officer who's famous on Slog for his beefy IMDb profile. (Seriously, click that link.)